Purchase or Donate Today – Help Single Parents Thrive! Ease pain for all!

Single parents and worried cannabis users Nationwide face unexpected challenges every day.  Where can they turn for help? Here!

Big Papa Foundation is  a Colorado Nonprofit specializing in helping Single Parents Survive and Thrive while building an ever expanding network of amazing donors & parents.  Nationwide,  people of all kinds are in pain that may be legally and holistically eliminated using organic hemp based  THC free cannabis products, like those made available for a limited time at www.bigpapa.org.

The Big Papa Mamas know and trust all of the products offered here  by Tygris Medical because they use them personally for medically necessary pain relief.  

BigPapa is on a mission and seeks to provide relief from anxiety and pain in every possible way to everyone who needs it.

Your donations and purchases here provide critical support to families in crisis and people in pain.

In the BigPapa SHOP you can buy emergency groceries for a family in need, cover a day of daycare for a struggling single parent, or  purchase all natural organic Non GMO nutritional supplements that relieve pain for yourself. Check back & give often to keep our BigPapa Families Surviving and thriving.

Tell your friends and have fun buying gifts and supporting a great cause that helps support families &  effectively  relieve pain legally!

Use Coupon code HEWHC for $5 off any product.


Click on the BigPapa button above to donate directly.  See the "about us" page for  other useful links, tools and information.

Update: In 2016 $600 donated dollars were nearly immediately provided to anonymous single mothers in need.  These  urgent needs ranged from fuel to groceries to short term childcare.  Thank you to our generous donors!


Visit www.bigpapa.org to get on the boat.

Have questions about BigPapa's Cannabis products?  Please feel free to reach out confidentially using the contact us page or text direct to the numbers listed! Julianne & Casey are here to help and have answers to your burning questions.

The number 1 question we get: Will I pass a drug test if I use your Miracle products?

courtesy of Tygris Medical
Powerful Pure CBD for relief of pain & anxiety

The answer: Yes.  Our products are THC free, so you will never "get high" or fail a drug test.  We have seen the lab results and are thrilled to provide a guarantee.  If a users mixes these specific products with items that DO contain THC - you will have different results.


Thank you!!!!

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Showing all 12 results