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Big Papa foundation’s founders met each other originally in the recruiting industry & to this day they aim to assist people in search of employment & side gigs to help ends meet.  There are a lot of scams out there in the work-at-home world and Big Papa Foundation stands behind the options listed here with a scam free guarantee.

Work at Home Opportunity

For someone (perhaps you?) looking to start over from scratch in the world of affiliate marketing in order to generate an income we can’t say enough good things about Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is what is included:

  • Free training,
  • Free Website and tools galore
  • Endless support & encouragement.
  • If you have never built a website before – don’t worry: that is the sort of training that is included here for FREE.
  • If you have experience building websites the training is quite useful and you can build on what you know already – almost endlessly.

Simply use the “Join Casey (one of Big Papa’s founders) link” below to check it out, create your free account to start today and learn more with no obligation:

Founders of Big Papa Foundation:
Julianne Kennedy & Casey Keith

We can’t wait to see what you will do and build with your own website. Please share an update with us and we will be certain to provide you with ideas and encouragement.

Side gig opportunity

You have heard about Ebay. You have heard about Etsy. These are great and very trustworthy if you want to spend money on listing fees all the time. For some people, these work very well and Big Papa has nothing bad to say about either of these internet darlings, however: When you are no longer in a place to pay listing fees and you have a closet full of gently used clothing: Poshmark is your best friend.

The more you follow & follow back (or connect) the faster you will sell your items.
  • No listing fees, just a small commission when and only when an item sells.
  • When an item sells Poshmark provides the shipping label to save you all of the stress of data entry and postage guessing.
  • The United States Postal service provides  the shipping boxes for FREE at and even lets you arrange for pickup online.
    Labels are provided by email or within system – never stress about Shipping
  • When you have sold your items you can transfer your money directly into your bank account or use it on Poshmark if that is what is desired. Your money becomes available when your buyer accepts the item.  If buyer hesitates and if the tracking indicates  that item is delivered, Poshmark sends a gentle reminder to accept and rate. Most times this takes 3 days.
  • Join for free and get $10 in Posh credit when you join on your phone with invite code DATURAART.

Poshmark is the #1 app to buy and sell fashion. Shop 5,000 brands at up to 70% off! Sign up with invite code DATURAART to save $5 on your first purchase

Poshmark has built in tools to help you list your items with style and flair! Crop and zoom and filter as needed to achieve the look you want. Take as many photos as you need to -this will help to sell your items.


Enjoy checking out this free resource on your phone. Feel free to reach out with any questions. Simply email . Don’t forget – Poshmark and Wealthy Affiliate are also free options to consider and discuss with Casey if you need help or guidance -for free.

We are thrilled to report that Poshmark is a superstar and continues to be the best way to make extra cash online for stay-at-home and busy parents- from the comfort of their mobile devices. Now new users of Poshmark are welcome to join with invite code DaturaArt for $10 shopping credit!!! (This is twice as much shopping credit as is usually offered!)

New as of November 11th, 2019- we have approved Shipt as a side gig we trust for people seeking flexible employment ! Join as a member of Shipt & enjoy the convenience of having your groceries delivered or apply to become a shopper! Use this trusted Link from Casey – Big Papa co-founder and Shipt Ambassador & shopper
Enjoy $10 free groceries with the link above.
Best wishes ,

Join Shipt as a customer or as a shopper as a side or full time gig. Use the link above for $10 shopping credit!

Casey Keith, Cofounder

In a 2019 report – over 300 Shipt Shoppers Volunteered in the efforts to fight hunger . Join or support this company as a member !

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7 comments on “Work at Home Employment & Side Gigs


I’ve frequently toyed with the idea of starting up an online business, but I’ve always been sort of put off by the level of the education I’ll need to go through. 

This Wealthy Affiliate platform – how confusing are their tutorials and tools? Will I be able to step right in as a newbie and learn the ropes stress-free?


Wealthy Affiliate offers classes and tutorials for everything and at every step of the way. The videos included in the training literally show you every step of the process so that you can preview what you will be doing and exactly how it is done.  When and if you get lost you can always go back to your dashboard so that you never lose your place in the training.  It truly is as if your hand is held through the process from start to finish and thereafter! For a nervous newbie the training could not be more specific and tailored to your needs.  Supportive community members are close at hand to answer questions as they come up and anybody can work at their own pace. Even the tools available are intuitive making the whole platform a stress free environment.

Vanna Denham

I love it, love it, love it!   First the cartoon header put me in a light heated mood and made me smile.  

Your lead paragraph was smooth and cleverly lead into the subject of Wealthy Affiliate.  I have to agree with you that WA is the greatest hands down.

I sure didn’t know about Poshmark.  My female family members are familiar with Etsy and we love it.  And I would venture to say everyone, male and female, is familiar with eBay. But  I sure didn’t know about Poshmark. It is a great concept for stay at home moms and others.   To make a profit on appropriate items without investing money up front is genius. 

Not only will I share the link, I’ll share it with others. 

Have a great day,  and please remember to encourage someone else today!

Vanna Pearl


Thank you Vanna! 

The other wonderful benefit to Poshmark is that once a listing is created it stays on your page forever so that you don’t need to Re-list any of your items for sale.  When an item sells it is simply marked as sold and you can re-arrange your page to have your newest items at the top and your sold items at the bottom.  Never having to pay to list or re-list is best advantage as a seller over Ebay and Etsy.  Plus the $5 shopping credit when you join with invite code DATURAART – You can’t beat that benefit! Half the fun at the beginning is finding something to buy wit your $5 shopping credit!!! Enjoy and share! 

David Boucher

I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over five years now and I absolutely agree with your recommendation.

There you can learn everything from building a website to actually running your own on-line business. Because they have such a huge network of members there is always help on hand.

Poshmark sounds interesting – do you get paid through paypal? 


Thank you for your feedback on Wealthy Affiliate, fellow fan! 

Regarding Payments at Poshmark – The funds stay in your account on Poshmark until you send them to your chosen banking institution.  It is real money from the moment your buyer accepts their purchase from you.  I personally direct deposit Poshmark funds into my bank account.  They say this can take up to 5 days, but in reality it is usually more like 48 hours.


Many thanks for this information.


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