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Calling all AirBnb Hosts!

All AirBnb Hosts are invited to participate in the Big Papa Rescue program. Big Papa offers an opportunity for Hosts to advertise and expand their business and most importantly: Be Heroes!
AirBnb Hosts are an integral part of the Big Papa Rescue plan! This form never needs to be printed out – vital information is simply texted in to Big Papa Foundation when a Rescue is requested.
Learn all about Big Papa Foundation At

Join in the movement that has fought violence against women and offered support to families in crisis since 2016. If everyone participates we will have a nation of safe havens standing at the ready to protect the vulnerable and stop domestic abuse nationwide ! In the land of the free no one should have to live in fear.

“In the land of the free no one should have to live in fear .”
Taking Action at helps others

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??✌?Thank you!

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