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Postcards to Congress Program – Need to Impeach

Big Papa Foundation staff has taken part in Tom Steyer’s “Need to Impeach” Postcards to Congress Program 2019 recently. This industrious philanthropist generously provided the pre-addressed and pre-designed postcards complete with paid postage – leaving only the back blank for concerned citizens to fill in with their desired messages to members of Congressional leadership. The topic at hand was clear from the design.

At Big Papa Foundation we filled out every available post card by hand. For posterity we took a picture of one of the messages – just in case you are curious about what we wrote. When each one was completed we added colorful stickers to truly make the postcards cheerful as they conveyed our messages. In case you wonder who is getting these postcards, we also took a photo of the mailing list. Please feel free to write to these people yourself and share your thoughts on the matter of the day.

The postcard mailing list we used (as provided by the Postcards to Congress Program)

When you decide to write, what should YOU say? Tom Steyer’s Postcards to Congress program booklet suggests this: “Write from your heart. Tell them how you feel about impeachment, why you think Trump needs to be removed from office, and how the issue affects your friends and family.”

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