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Kudos To those taking action

Bakery sending cakes to all 53 GOP senators telling them to let Bolton testify

Big Papa Foundation wants to send out some kudos of appreciation to all those taking action to make their voices heard. People swarmed the capitol, called their senators, wrote to their senators, signed petitions & shared vital information. If we all do what we can ; The United States of America has a bright future ! We are all in this together & we could not be more proud of all of the peaceful and thoughtful actions being taken by proud patriotic citizens like these this week in the midst of Impeachment Proceedings they don’t yet have witnesses testifying. Your message has gotten through & most of America agrees.

Here is just one of the many methods people
reached out to make their wishes known.
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2 comments on “Kudos To those taking action


Thank you to all the heroes in the Senate, choosing to be in the history books of all the children who will have a democracy to grow up in, instead of an Empire or Kingdom!


No monarchy here! Protect the constitution and our Republic. ✌


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