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$15 BigPapa Coupon Alert to Help out

Ok, so the Government shutdown is finally over as of Friday – and here we are on Sunday night wondering when -exactly- 800,000 Americans will receive the Back-pay they earned. Just in case this takes a while BigPapa Foundation has a small consolation for you at www.Boxed.com with $15 coupon off any purchase of $60 or more. Shipping is free over $49 FYI. If you like to Bulk shop at places like Sam’s club and Costco -Boxed is about to become your new favorite place to Bulk Shop for pantry items and household necessities. To use this giant coupon simply use this safe link: http://www.boxed.com/invite/6LCJL

Let’s hope that Nancy Pelosi and President Trump can keep the government open and that we will never have to endure another unnecessary shutdown again. In this moment of uncertainty -we just have this small online shopping comfort to offer. Beware – packages from Boxed come in humongous boxes. I mean HUGE. So when they come to you this week and next – don’t say Big Papa didn’t warn you! And to recap: the final bill should only be $45 for $60 worth of groceries. So – happy shopping, America !!!!

Huge Love,

And lots of hope for a brighter tomorrow,

Big Papa Foundation

Endless snacks and pasta options as well as cleaning items and other necessities.

Lots of healthy beverage choices available like Bai and Perrier!

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