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Important Message from Congressman Ted Lieu

Message from Congressman Ted Lieu
As an engaged and interested Democrat, I often receive fundraising messages from members of the Party. Below you can read what my favorite Congressman had to say now that everyone is back in the office after 2 weeks off for the spring holidays. I found his words interesting enough to share with you all here. Enjoy his message below and get involved in the election process at any level you can. As Former President Obama says, it is going to take all of us getting involved to manifest the changes we seek.
Best wishes for a Peaceful Nation / World,
Casey Keith, Co-Founder
Big Papa Foundation

“Casey — 

Donald Trump can keep tweeting, “NO COLLUSION!” and “WITCH HUNT!” all he wants, but my Democratic colleagues and I won’t stop fighting to make sure American families get these two things:The truth about Trump and his cronies’ shady efforts to conceal their connection to a hostile foreign government and undermine the rule of law in the process.Real leaders who will stand up for the best of America and defend our shared values — not capitalize on our worst instincts and fears for their own political, personal, and financial gain.Trump’s entire presidency has been a constant stream of corruption, nonsense, and disastrous policymaking, and he’s spent the past two years weakening the very foundation of our democracy. We have the power to demand better leadership, Casey, but only if we come together right now to build the strong party infrastructure it will take to win the White House and seats up and down the ballot next year.
Thanks for fighting alongside me,


Ted Lieu
Member of Congress, CA-33”

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