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Save money & stay home and shop this weekend !

Big Papa wants to help everyone. It’s our mission. Having a family is expensive and adulting is hard. This weekend now that school has started again, we invite you to sit down, stay home and shop on your phone for whatever you need. Big Papa Foundation has tested the following apps to help you save valuable time and money.

We Thought you would enjoy Ibotta (if you don’t already). It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app. We use it every time We shop, and thought you would like it too. Use our referral code, arysjlj, and you can start saving real cash at all your favorite retailers. Sign up at

Luckily Ibotta offers one of our favorite sites to bulk buy groceries online. As a parent it is great to stay home and shop online rather than drive all over town with screaming children . Boxed is the place to one-stop-shop for all sorts of grocery items and household necessities. You are invited to save $15 huge dollars of a $60 minimum purchase (shipping is free over $50) when you click here using this special invitation code :

Join me on Poshmark, my favorite app to buy & sell fashion. Save up to 70% off top brands! For a limited time, use my code DATURAART to save $10:

The more you follow & follow back (or connect) the faster you will sell your items.

So to wrap it up: Get cash back using Ibotta, save $15 on Boxed (where you can shop through Ibotta after installing the app – and keep getting cash back the more you buy and use the Ibotta app) and get $10 free shopping credit when you join Poshmark today. (Act fast – the shopping credit May drop to $5.) 3 great places to save and spend money without leaving the house! Think of the gas money you will save! Happy weekend! ☀️

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