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State of the Union Fact Checked by NowThis

February 5th, 2019

The long awaited State of the Union was finally allowed to be delivered to the nation by President Trump in the house chambers on Capitol Hill. NowThis was on hand to cover the momentous occasion with live real time fact checking as the President spoke at great length about all of the hot button issues of the day. The fact checking provided by NowThis was very fair and impressively fast and accurate. BigPapa Foundation was on hand to capture screen shots to share the information provided. Enjoy re-living the State of the Union in the images provided below with each fact check indicating the information needed in the moment as he spoke to the nations of topics ranging from foreign policy to immigration to abortion. Stacey Abrams optimistically provided the official Democratic response.

President Trump smiles for the cameras during the State of the Union February 5th address to the nation.

NowThis provided fact checking services live during the State of Union address by President Trump and provided overall camera coverage.

President Trump was sure to mention the new tax cuts and NowThis was able to point out what the tax cuts really were about.
President Trump was excited to mention that the United States is an Energy exporter.

President Trump spoke about the economy being the best in history, however NowThis fact check: The Economy is slowing.
Investigations appear to make President Trump uncomfortable.

As immigrants are often blamed for crime by President Trump in his speeches, facts are delivered by NowThis.
Facts provided by NowThis are at odds with President Trumps rhetoric about illegal border crossings.

Despite President Trump’s expressed fears about border crime, NowThis provides facts regarding border crime rates.
President Trump attempts to call migrants seeking asylum illegal immigrants.
President Trump insists that Democratic lawmakers are working for “open borders” and NowThis provides a fast fact check. Democrats have overwhelmingly rejected a border wall and have listened to their constituent’s wishes and desires.
Relevant fact check provided by NowThis regarding the reality of human trafficking cases as they relate to immigration.
President Trump attempts to explain that a wall will stop the flow of drugs into the United States and NowThis provides a useful fact check.
NowThis fact check displays why a border wall would have no effect on preventing MS13 members from entering the United States.
A subtle reminder about the wall provided by NowThis.
NowThis provides a fact check that will be news to most Americans. See the upcoming Paycheck Fairness Act of 2019.
President Trump attempted to take credit for an incomplete trade deal as this NowThis fact check explains.
President Trump excitedly speaks about the Jobs report and the new statistics on Women in Congress. The new House Democratic women celebrated themselves as the President looked on at them enjoying the moment.
NowThis provides a reminder of the Trump/Pence policies on HIV. Let us hope he can keep this new promise.
President Trump speaks about abortions and is Fact Checked by NowThis.
Useful detail provided by NowThis fact check as President Trump talks about late term abortions.
NowThis indicated that a fact check was in order with regard to the Iran deal.
Stacey Abrams provided an inspiring and optimistic Democratic response. We look forward to hearing lots more from her in the future! She was a breath of fresh air after a gloomy State of the Union address by President Trump.

Many thanks to NowThis for live coverage and fact checking services via Facebook. Photos are all live screen shot photos by BigPapa Foundation co-founder Casey Keith.

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