2022-2023 Healer of The Year

Amos L. Campbell, LMT, MRP, RM/T, HP

Big Papa Foundation is proud to endorse and recommend Amos L. Campbell as The 2022-2023 Healer of The Year. A trusted friend in Health and healing, Amos Campbell is available to help you and yours with in person hands on services as well as virtual services from afar. Amos Campbell is available by appointment to appear for Question/Answer style interview, radio and television appearances and focused teaching sessions for the appropriate channels on YouTube and much more.

Email: health.healing.solutions22@gmail.com


Amos Campbell Big Papa Foundation Healer of the Year 2022-2023

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One comment on “2022-2023 Healer of The Year

I am so blessed to know Amos 💝 He feeds my soul with his compassion and caring nature while also proving me with the tools to work beyond our sessions. He is so intuitive to my mind, body and spirit. Every time I am granted time with Amos, I grow in every aspect of my being. He is a gift open to share his abilities with the world. I can’t imagine what I would be without him. Healing hands and spiritual guidance from a master


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