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Big Papa Essential Oils Hookup

Thanks to Big Papa co-founder, Julianne Kennedy, Beneficial & healthful essential oils are now at your fingertips! No need to run to the store ! Big Papa’s Gotcha! Simply click Here and DoTerra Essential oils of your choosing will be on their way to you ASAP.

Founders of Big Papa Foundation: Julianne Kennedy & Casey Keith – here we are long ago – before social distancing was a thing.
Casey’s personal favorite is eucalyptus ! She goes through a lot of it as she is always adding many drops to her vaporizers for soothing comfort . Casey gets hers at and now you can too!
On Guard is a oil blend that many find helpful during cold and flu season . You can scoop up some at
In these strange and stressful times please remember that there is always someone you can turn to in crisis. The suicide prevention lifeline is here 24/7 for anyone who needs to talk. Call 1-800-273-8255 day or night without hesitation .
Happy Spring.
At Big Papa Foundation, Yorkville we remember last years blooms and await a fresh batch! The frogs have been chirping a lot in the evenings and there has been a frog sighting in the frog pond Today! So it is official- Spring has sprung ! Enjoy the simple delights of nature as 2020 rolls along .

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