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Happy Thanksgiving Use this Big Papa link when you sign up for Shipt and get $10 in free groceries!

Big Papa Foundation is excited to welcome Shipt as a resource to our organization. The mission of Shipt aligns with our mission to feed the hungry and support parents in need with customized support. When you join Shipt with this referral code YOU get $10 credit toward groceries and Big Papa Foundation is Gifted $10 toward our mission to feed the hungry. It’s a Win -Win!
??For parents looking for flexible part time Employment- Shipt has earned the Big Papa Stamp of approval! Parents are invited to explore this opportunity using the same link & after a brief interview process -join the team!

Shipt shoppers stay in close contact with the members they serve with cheerful messages like this. Being a member is fun and easy. Join today for $10 shopping credit.
If you are in crisis but aren’t ready to speak with Big Papa Staff, The Suicide Prevention Lifeline is here for you 24/7/365
?Happy Thanksgiving ! ?

To maximize your impact this Holiday Season support the Big Papa Home Base Fundraiser. Charitable donations are designed to feed the hungry as well as provide rescue support to parents in crisis. Read about all of the plans Big Papa has to save the world here at and make a donation at

We are all in this together. One big happy human family.

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