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Wishing for Impeachment ?

There is a lot of wishful chatter out there for multiple counts of impeachment for President Trump. Even though a few different Articles of Impeachment have been drafted and teased on the floor of the House of Representatives and protests in Speaker Pelosi’s office demanding impeachment have occurred recently – it still looks as if it will be in the hands of the American Voter to remove this President by way of Election. Basically, it is far more likely that we will have to replace President Trump with a newly elected President. In spite of all of the hard work done by our House of Representatives and the impressive freshman class of Elected officials – a lot of what has been accomplished stagnates if the Senate never takes their work across the finish line. Impeachment will only happen with a strong bipartisan consensus – and based on the depressing and discouraging partisan politics of the Senate in place, the impeachment you have been waiting for may never come.

The good news is that I have an obvious reminder for you that Presidents are not permanent. Similarly, neither are Senate seats. The American Voter has the power to flip Senate seats and will turn the presidency over to the next worthy candidate. This is why we need 100% Voter participation.

While we are fighting hard to end gerrymandering and voter suppression – we can not be complacent and apathetic when it comes to VOTING. We truly need everyone to have their voice heard. To accomplish this we truly need everyone to participate in this democracy for it to work as intended. Register to vote and make sure that everyone you know is also registered. Vote by mail. Vote early. Drive people to the polls on election day. Hand out water and chips on election day. Hold umbrellas over people standing in line and hold open doors. Do your part to make Democracy happen. If the impeachment of your dreams never materializes at least you will have a leader our whole country can get behind.

Perhaps this seems early – but remember : you can register to Vote any time of year! Get ready to vote now – you will have no surprises on Election day! Sign up to vote by mail or early as part of Registration!

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