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Rough video – but Casey demands equality for all women worldwide and creates a new holiday: Women’s Independence Day. (asking for a constitutional amendment adding women .)

Big Papa Foundation Presents: Bans off Our Bodies Geneva, Illinois. Women’s Independence Day May 14, 2022: speeches on YouTube at:

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Welcome to the Big Papa Action Page!

Please have a look around and see what speaks to you – and makes you want to take action & make your voice heard.  All of the petitions featured on this page are active and waiting for you to add your good name to the cause.

Happy Election Day! 

Follow petition links below and make your voice heard on the issues! Voting is fun!

If voting gave you a taste for more civic action we have you covered here with more ways to flex your voting muscles in  legal ways to speak out!  Follow the links below to sign these active petitions on currently relevant societal issues.

In case you feel like signing petitions is worthless – please be informed that petitions were instrumental in The Build Act of 2018 – see the video (originally published November 6th, 2018)  on this on Big Papa’s Facebook page! (Courtesy of  It is proof that your voice matters and this was a Bipartisan effort ! And a fight we won TOGETHER!!!

Big Papa Cares about some BIG issues facing our nation and is providing you with a simple way to learn about some of it and TAKE ACTION to join forces to help us save the world! Don’t worry – it is FREE to take action by signing the petitions featured below.  You are welcome to donate what you can to any of the organizations listed below or within – but are never obligated and you will never receive a bill or email or phone solicitation.  That said – our featured favorites are:,, and we would love to give you all of the Kudos you deserve when you sign and donate.  Every little bit counts!

2 Petitions are below for you to check out and sign plus one is a a really important ACLU petition about reuniting families!

Good news! Its not too late to take action and make your voice heard regarding Family Separation by ICE and at the border. Follow this trusted link to a still active ACLU petition you can sign today!

Petition 1

86,782 signatures collected of 100,000 needed as of 1.3.22. Petition still active as President Biden inherited the previous administration’s horrific legacy of family separation! Sign today to add your voice! Families belong together! Keep Going!!!!

Casey Keith off to march June 30 #VoteCourage

Sign this Petition against Rape

Petition 2

✍️Sign this global petition against Rape. A small gesture & a way to act toward solving an old upsetting problem.

Support rape victims and prosecute rapists! Sign the active petition above  which is seeking 1000 signatures total.  111 signatures gathered as of 1.3.22   Keep signing!!!!

After this – give to organizations like (the nation’s largest anti sexual violence organization.

Hotline 800-656-HOPE free & confidential 24/7.

Free Hotline for victims of abuse. Call as needed and Donate !

Thank you for Taking Action at the Big Papa action page today!  Feel free to share this page widely and share any of the actions that are available here.  Reach out any time to let us know how you feel after making your voice heard! Cheers! 

Our country’s existing discrimination laws leave gaps in protections for LGBT people, women, and people of color. Support the Equality Act and ensure all of our civil rights are equally protected under the law.

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2 comments on “Big Papa Action


I agree, it’s important to vote. Women especially should make a point of voting because we can. It hasn’t been that long since women were not allowed to vote in North America. In many countries, women are still treated as chattel and have no voice. Sometimes signing petitions might seem like an impotent motion, lacking any power to do anything. However, as you have pointed out, petitions can produce results when enough people get involved. 

Olonisakin Kehinde

Petitions are very instrumental in achieving a collective societal issues. In most cases,  petition signed are a way of giving voice to the voiceless. 

I have signed a couple of them,  just in case you think how does it work…….  It really works. When matter are in the overturn and solutions seems to be far off or people who can fight are afar,  a collective and powerful weapon is the petition. 


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