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What’s going on out there?

“What’s going on out there?” you ask.
From what we can tell people are doing their best to take care of each other. Stores are limiting people from overbuying popular necessities like water, bread, milk, meat & toilet paper. Retailers truly want to serve as many people as possible – and they can’t do that when opportunistic hoarders load up on all of their stock as soon as it comes back into the store. Shoppers be forewarned: 2 is the maximum these days on bread, milk, water, meat, & toilet paper- and in some cases just 1.

People are seeking out a lot of citrus fruits (to make sure they get their daily recommended allowance of vitamin C – because the supplement pills are sold out in many places.)

People are turning to alternative And healthful comforts like essential oils. Big Papa Foundation can recommend DoTerra’s Eucalyptus & On Guard for use in homes in need of Respiratory support. To make it simple Big Papa will soon ?ffer a link to order your supply directly and skip trips to the store! Soon.

At Big Papa Foundation we are on Spring Break right now in Yorkville, Illinois. Snow has been unexpectedly enjoyed (it melted fast !) A bird feeder has been constructed to make an offering to spring’s hungry birds. Here’s a peek :

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