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Amnesty International Success to report

It is rare to have an Amnesty International Success to report. The work is long and hard and most people don’t want to think anout political prisoners or refugees in need- but that’s the mission we are on at Amnesty International . We never give up.

Right now we are busy dealing with the southern border crisis of the United States . Perhaps you saw in today’s news that teenage refugees are being imprisoned. That’s real. That’s happening and it is a tragedy we are focused on.

Please visit the Big Papa Foundation Facebook page to make a donation to Amnesty International to help support their work as regugees are in desperate need of assistance and care. Donations are also accepted at Big Papa Foundation co-Founder, Casey Keith’s personal Facebook page.

While supplies last, a special gift will be sent to the next people who generously donate $15 or more to this important cause – Amnesty International USA -through these Facebook pages. ?

Proof that Amnesty International’s efforts are effective and deserving of your contributions!

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