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FREE Work at Home Gig or Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

 Being a parent is exhausting and rewarding – but sadly having beautiful bundles of joy doesn’t pay. Moms and Dads are often in search of a way to “work at home” in a way that offers the freedom they are seeking from the daily office grind so that they can tend to and dote upon their little loves.  There are indeed endless options out there and alarmingly most of the truly lucrative “opportunities” out there require investment.

For someone looking for a real fresh start that truly lives up to the promise of “FREE” because the funds have run out -we have prepared a page at that offers and delivers on that promise.  Beware: DO NOT quit your day job and expect these gigs to replace the lost income of your family paycheck. The marketplace is filled with scams that promise that you will “get rich quick” and I hate to be a killjoy, but most of these “opportunities” are ways to manipulate you – a vulnerable well meaning individual – to manipulate other vulnerable people into a pyramid scheme or shady MLM (Multi level marketing) nightmare.  Please save yourself the time and trauma and expense and simply check out the guaranteed FREE options that Big Papa has tested and tried and trusts. (One of these actually gives you a $5 credit when you decide to try it out, so what do you need to buy?!)  Poshmark is an app to download on your phone today and baby needs a new pair of shoes. They have those- and every other clothing item you can imagine.

Baby shoes at Poshmark
$3 no joke

Check it out here at at the Work at Home Employment & Side Gigs page  – it is just 2 Free opportunities to consider that are very different  from each other. These are both truly Free to start  and if you are truly looking for a scam free guarantee – you have found it here at Big Papa Foundation.

Children are expensive. We have found a couple of ways to help make ends meet with Work at Home options that are totally free to start up online. One works best on your desktop/laptop: Wealthy Affiliate while the other works best on your Phone – and is delightfully portable: Poshmark. Start this one up in the app store and download the app & Join with invite code: DATURAART for the $5 credit we promised you.

Enjoy the new year and your Babies as you make ends meet together.  Big Papa is here for you as you seek out fresh starts and new ways to make life easier and more comfortable.

New this year we have been testing a new  app called: Money App – which gives out cash for completing offers. We were skeptical at first but have good news to report.  The money may be small – but it is real and it works! Payouts happen on Paypal and are easy to convert once you get enough points.  Points for each item are clearly listed -so you decide what you want to do and when you get to 5000 points you are able to turn those points into cash.  BigPapa has a code for you to start with 20 free points (free credit) when you download the app to your phone: S9QQJN.  Enjoy & Happy 2019!

Newsfeed message on Money app

This is a small sampling of offers that are live right now. Check in daily for 20 points free and use check in button to watch short videos for 2 points each – when available .

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10 comments on “FREE Work at Home Gig or Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Scott Hinkle

You aren’t kidding, children are expensive and I’m just saying that based on the assistance we give to my mother-in-law who’s raising our niece and nephew!

I haven’t looked at Poshmark but I’ll take a look here shortly.  As for WA, I can’t agree with you more.  It’s a great opportunity for those looking to work from home.  And, just as you said, don’t expect it to replace your income immediately.  That said, if you work at it, it can do so easily over time.

Thanks for the great post.  I hope people take the time to check out the opportunities you’ve listed here.


Thanks for the information.  I have never heard of Poshmark.  It sounds like a great way to let someone else use my unwanted clothes.  It seems like a great opportunity for parents with young kids also.  They grow out of clothes so fast. I especially like the fact that Poshmark isn’t like the other online platforms that take a huge cut of your earnings through listing and selling fees.


Poshmark certainly is different in that it doesn’t charge listing fees and only takes a small commission – and only after an item sells.  Sellers are able to price items so that the amount spent on the sales commission is worth it for the use of  all of the build in shipping tools.  Boxes and postage can eat up your profits if you don’t use the free boxes provided by USPS. With a printer and packing tape  – you are all set once you have had your supply of priority mail boxes delivered from the postman!


I totally agree that to raise a family is a big challenge nowadays. You have to give everything out, all yourself and sometimes give up a lot. But all these things are for a better good – our children. 

My question is how does ‘a way to sell and buy fashion’ work? To be honest, I have never heard of it. 




Poshmark is an app that makes fashion available for Men, Women & Children now! On your smart phone you can download the app from the app store  – “follow” people on Poshmark of your size and who carry your favorite brands and shopping is instantly simplified. With invite code DATURAART you automatically get $5 in shopping credit to try out the shopping experience.  Spend a moment to set up your profile for best selection and results. The more people you “Follow” the larger your selection! Selling on Poshmark is fun and easy with all of the built in tools that help with images- and everything categorized to make sure your items are listed so that buyers will find what they are looking for.  When you sell – it is free to list endless items and Poshmark charges a small commission when an item sells.  When your buyer accepts your sold item the money goes into your Poshmark account to be spent in Poshmark or transferred to your bank to spend however you like. Shipping is also simple with Poshmark’s tools and a shipping label is automatically generated when items are purchased. Shipping supplies are free from and can be ordered online with ease. Package pickups can also be scheduled online with them as well -making for a speedy turnaround on Poshmark sales. Simply use priority mail boxes for best results.

Chrissie Spurgeon

You are so right, children can be very expensive but totally worth it in my opinion.

Most children do so much better if it is possible for them to have a parent at home with them all the time, so your advice on how to earn extra money at home is very important to parents who make that choice.

I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is a great option and one that every parent should at least take the free opportunity to check out.

But I have never heard of Poshmark, and I would really like to know more about that and how it works.

Many thanks for a great post.

Chrissie 🙂


Poshmark is an app that you can download on your smartphone. You can buy or sell or just shop around on this wonderful app that includes lots of fantastic tools for both buyers and sellers. For buyers – this app can help you find clothing in your size &from; your favorite brands – for LOW LOW discount prices ! For Sellers – The camera used to list your items is built in and has lots of great cropping and filtering tools.  You can also use your regular camera phone to take product photos that you can easily import and crop and filter as needed.  Shipping tools are built in  – so all you need to do is print the label when you sell an item.  When your buyer receives your sold item your money can be converted to cash to spend in Poshmark or transferred to your bank account to spend.  It’s like running a boutique in your pocket! And you can even earn a boutique certification and shop wholesale ! Check it out and join today with invite code DATURAART for $5 shopping credit for free with my compliments. Find the app in the app store on your phone. Enjoy! And feel free to share with as many friends as you like! 

BEazzy Shifts

Thanks for sharing these two Platform. People are falling for cheap lies about making money online. They’ve fallen once. They keep falling over and over again. They don’t seem to know true and legitimate make money or save money opportunity when they see them.

Purchasing shoes for baby is some extra $$$. Poshmark will save the money that should be used to get shoes for baby.

Wealthy Affiliate? This is a goal setter, a dream catcher, an help to success and a guide to Financial freedom. Anyone looking to start an online business of any kind should use Wealthy Affiliate.



I think you are right. Most of the online product offers that somehow spam my mailbox are after a closer look, nothing more then an average product that promises crazy money for no effort whatsoever.

They do one thing very good and that is talking people into buying their product. After that, some other worthless upsell appears, that according to the makers, you REALLY NEED to have in order to fully use the product and leverage millions of dollars.

I’ll rather keep my money and buy my son a pair of those cute shoes instead… 🙂

Emmanuel Buysse

Great post and good info.

They say childs cost a house, and I think they are right about it.

Clothes, food, school and so much more, I think if you all calculate it, it will be close to $100000-200000.

It is so expensive.

So yeah, earning a bit extra can be nice, I’m using Wealthy Affiliate as well, and it is a very good platform, so people, really join it!


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