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Crisis help is everywhere

The world is in a climate crisis and this has been the focus of a lot of recent public activism. Big Papa Foundation supports and encourages this and wants to help the people most drastically effected by climate disruption. Wild fires and flooding have created a housing and homelessness crisis that we will not ignore. Customized crisis attention is what Big Papa Foundation strives to provide for families in despair and in need of repair. Needless to say the job of addressing these needs is only getting bigger – so Big Papa has plans for a Home Base from which to provide national and local services for people in crisis. Show your support for the mission at by making a donation of any size.

We are all in this together. One big happy human family.

Curious about where there are earthquakes causing problems? Big Papa Foundation keeps a close eye on this globally at

Keeping an eye on the skies as space weather is in the news these days…..

Also in crisis is American Democracy. Everyone can do their part by voting at every opportunity . Voting is the fastest way to make your voice heard locally. Voters must register to be valid . At Big Papa Foundation we are all about love and support and we HATE voter suppression ??So everyone is welcome to safely and officially register to vote at Big Papa here:

Register to Vote at Rock the vote here or any time at

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