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Welcome to 2020

With every new year a new list of resolutions is made. It is discouraging to learn that most fail in the first 2 months (or sooner.) Some resolutions are easy to keep and for this, we are here to help!
Resolution # 1: Be a more engaged citizen. This one can be solved by registering Or Re-registering to vote! This can be done right away & online today! Get the party started here at at BigPapa’s Easy & safe Voter registration page here:

Share this easy voter registration link widely! The most patriotic act we can do for our country is to support our living democracy and participate in the democratic process. Due to rampant voter suppression we need to make our VAST numbers count. Everyone must join in and make their voices heard at the Polls this year! Let’s overwhelm the system ! Your choices will no longer be ignored or dismissed ! Make your resolution to Join in this Revolution ! ✍️??

Register to Vote at Rock the vote here or any time at
Get out the Vote! Make your voice heard!
Make 2020 Great! You have the power, people! ??✌?

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One comment on “Welcome to 2020

Nanette Keith

Wise one, thank you for the opportunity to register folks to vote!


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