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In Mourning for Pittsurgh/Thousand Oaks & A Starting Over Update

307 Mass Shootings in 2018 so far according to data from the Gun Violence archive.  13 People have died in Thousand Oaks, California in a mass shooting in a bar. In 2017 the US saw a total of 346 mass shootings. We simply need to do more to correct this epidemic – and thankfully we can. We are no longer able to simply offer hopes and prayers. We voted for common sense Gun Control and reform.

?‍?Because we care about the Kids – not the Guns: We did this (and the work continues….) and with yet another mass shooting last night – our work to correct these problems begins immediately???????????? ?

First of all, our hearts are heavy with the news of the weekend and we mourn for the 11 lives lost in Pittsburgh at the Tree of Life Synagogue. As enthusiastic supporters of GiffordsPac -Courage To Fight Gun Violence – we reaffirm our commitment to the fight and we must insist that as we move forward as a nation together we will make the necessary changes on the governmental level to address Gun Violence.

It is next in the hands of Voters to be a part of this change by electing those candidates who:

  1. Support Requiring a background Check for all gun sales;
  2. Research into the causes of Gun Violence,
  3. Ban the future manufacture of semi-automatic assault weapons;
  4. Preserve state concealed-carry permitting systems;
  5. and Limit firearms in public places like schools, public parks and bars. 

And We Oppose

  1. Concealed carry reciprocity;
  2. Arming teachers in schools;
  3. Deregulating gun silencers
  4. and Ending Gun Free School zones.   

To learn more or make a donation to the cause visit www.giffords,org

Be a safety voter November 6th, 2018

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One comment on “In Mourning for Pittsurgh/Thousand Oaks & A Starting Over Update


thank you for ths great post, I really hope that you make some progress on this. As an English person I have to say that the gun laws in the USA seem completely crazy and the amount of mass shooting that we hear about is sickening. Something has to be done and I am glad that people like you are trying to make a difference and save lives.


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