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Big Papa Action Page Petition update & A New Vision for America to Check out

Greetings & Happy Holidays!

Just in case you were wondering how all of the Big Papa actions are going, there is a nifty update on the Big Papa Action page about each petition.  Have a peek and see how each one is progressing.  In some cases – we are very close to closing and meeting the goal. There are new petitions to sign for those who have used the action page before.

Sign Green New Deal petition using the Big Papa Action page
Petition to reauthorize the Violence Against Women act – sign ASAP!!! Still active months after expiry of ACT!


Aren’t you dying to know if we reached our goal for a Green New Deal? What about the Violence against Women Act? Aren’t you curious?  Well, we are still looking for signatures on all of the Big Papa Action page petitions – so add your name and share widely to help us get these  petitions past the finish line.   Today’s featured petition is an urgent petition to shut down the immigrant children’s prison in Tornillo, Texas.  You might have heard a lot about this tent city federal prison in the news today. Take action here or visit the Big Papa Action Page to see what is going on.

Sign the Pledge and learn more today! Take action to build an America for all of us!

Brand new to the Big Papa Foundation is the Campaign for America’s Future.  

Join us in Signing the Pledge To Fight for America’s Future and learn all about the plan that is coming together. For all of the details visit:

Below is a quick outline of the Campaign Pledge :

Resistance Is Not Enough.
We Pledge to Fight for Good Jobs,
Sustainable Prosperity, and Economic Justice.
We, the undersigned, are proud to be part of the vibrant resistance to the attacks by President Trump and Republicans on immigrants, people of color, women, Muslims, the LGBTQ community, and workers and their unions. We are working to defeat Republican efforts to dismantle basic protections for Americans: Medicaid, Medicare and the Affordable Care Act, public schools, voting and civil rights, environmental safeguards, and the US justice system. And we will fight to stop their right-wing, corporate agenda that will worsen economic inequality and threatens the planet.
We will resist Trump. But resistance is not enough.
We therefore pledge that:
⯈ We will fight for good jobs, sustainable prosperity and economic justice.
⯈ We will work to build a movement that can make that agenda a reality.
Real change begins with a clear and coherent vision of a better America, and with citizens’ movements dedicated to bringing that world into being. We offer this agenda for economic change in that spirit. We invite you to discuss and debate it — and, most of all, to join us to fight for it.

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2 comments on “Big Papa Action Page Petition update & A New Vision for America to Check out



Just really happy to come across this website and see someone actually doing something instead of posting on Facebook and complaining about stuff. A democratic society means that the people are in charge, so we have every right to challenge and hopefully change who and what is best for the country. I hope you get the attention you deserve and make the necessary changes that we all believe can make the country greater

Great Job BigPapa


We are all in this together! We believe that democracy works best when we all participate.  At Big Papa our hope is that more people will find that it is easy and fun to get (and stay) engaged in the process of nation building. Thank you for joining in the action today!!!!


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