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Happy Solstice & Planning Winter Break Activities for the Kids

Woo Hoo! Winter Break! Elf Zoey welcomes the kids to their vacation with a cascade of streamers !

As the longest night of the year, Solstice is known as a time of celebration and of busy work. There is certainly a lot to do on this hectic Friday.  At Big Papa foundation all of the wrapping is finally done but there is more to do to get ready for the coming holidays.  Cookies to make. Cleaning to do.  Friends and family to call. Did everyone make it safely to their destinations after long flights across country? These things must be addressed.

The kids are out of school early to prepare for winter break – and activities must be planned.  After that – the kids will be home nonstop – so we need to figure out how we can fill those days with quality moments.  Making memories is job#1 at this very specific time of year..  What better time is there than the longest night of the year to pull out all of the board games and have some fine family fun? There is no better time!

.  My favorite is Scrabble – but there is a wide range of games to choose from and with 2 weeks to kill – I’m sure we can put together a tournament of some sort.  Connect4 is great fun for a quick game kids of all ages.  Jenga!  Guess Who? Monopoly is a great way to teach the kids about Real Estate and financial responsibility. Trouble, Life, Chutes and Ladders, Parcheesi, the list goes on endlessly – there certainly is fun to be made out of all of these old classics!

Failing that, we may simply turn to building and crafting before we turn to puzzles. (Puzzles are a last resort -but can be fun to do together with the WHOLE family if you have a dedicated space for it that can be left undisturbed.) Pull out the Legos and the tinker toys!  Or anything without a screen! Find some books and take turns reading aloud to the little ones.  We can all do more than watch the television together. Throw a party and cook some treasured family recipes.   Clean out the closets and gather donations for Good Will to start the New Year on a charitable note and with more storage space than you had in 2018!

Join us at Big Papa Foundation to avoid screens for as long as possible for these Winter Break weeks to truly make the most of these moments.

You are invited to share in the comments section below what you do instead of staring at a phone, a tv or a tablet!  The best comments win a free mystery sticker and you will be inspiring tens of people!  We can’t wait to see what you do. Have fun!!!!

Pull out the Legos and get building during winter break with the kids.


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4 comments on “Happy Solstice & Planning Winter Break Activities for the Kids


The biggest reason I’m happy to celebrate the winter solstice is because it means that the days are going to get longer from here on out instead of shorter. I hate how early it has been getting dark lately. 

Anyway, thanks for all your awesome suggestions to avoid screen time! I love to play board games with family and friends. Here’s my unique suggestion to add: build a blanket fort in a big room in your house, then string some extra christmas lights through it. Then sit inside the fort and play your games there. It will add an extra air of winter magic and coziness and the kids will absolutely love it!


Deluxe blanket fort! Love it!!!!

Nicolette Gomez

Ah, I remember those days of winter break and trying to not be “bored” with parents constantly telling that if I am bored “why dont you go clean the kitchen, your room, and the yard?” Haha. I was never THAT bored. It was something I could never understand as a kid, but now as an “adult”, I understand why they dreaded these breaks. But now, I can agree, that screen time will be minimal and we should do activites together. 

One thing I absolutely enjoy is, going to the mountains. I live in the desert so taking a day trip to see the snow in the mountain or just a change in weather is nice. Pack a few sandwiches and snacks, then we’re off! We usually try to get outdoors by playing soccer, making marshmallows (s’mores), or just sitting by a fire telling stories. It’s a great way to bond and really connect. Arts and crafts is big one too, like a gingerbread making contest (where everyone wins). I hope your winter break is eventful! Happy holidays!



Daytrip picnic to the mountains! (Weather permitting – wonderful when nature cooperates!) Arizona being a no burn zone can make smores difficult to accomplish – but a packing  a small camp stove in your picnic basket or a crème brulee torch to toast those marshmallows – sounds like a winter fantasy the kids will remember forever.


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