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116th Congress Begins

Nancy Pelosi wins 220 votes – to secure her Speakership

This image captures that happy moment for her!

Speaker Pelosi accepts the gavel from Kevin McCarthy.
Speaker Pelosi accepts her new position as speaker and delivers an encouraging and positive address to the assembled body of the 116th Congress.

Having invited all of the children to join her for the momentous occasion of her swearing in -speaker Pelosi takes her Oath of Office.
Speaker Pelosi administers the Oath of Office to the assembled body of 116th Congress, January 3rd, 2019.

It has been a happy and busy day at Big Papa Foundation having witnessed today’s events courtesy of the live feed provided by Facebook.

Please feel free to visit the Big Papa Facebook page to get in on the action of the 116th Congress with a new petition to sign to back up some great work that has been done today to end the shutdown – without funding for the border wall. Or if you prefer to avoid Facebook – simply click the words “new petition” here to enjoy heading straight to the petition.

And feel free to check out the other petitions we are working on at the Big Papa action page – whenever you have a moment!

Happy New Congress, Everyone!

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