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The Day 2 Single Moms decided to save the world…

True story!

It was Octoberish 2016 when 2 single moms who had been friends for about 15 years were having some deep and heavy duty conversations.  The conversations crystalized when they both realized that it wasn’t just them – but suddenly every woman we knew with young child was a single mom and they were struggling.  They looked at each other and realized that by teaming up they might just be able to save the world for these families in crisis.

Single parenthood does not have to lead to crisis – but everywhere they looked a void had to be filled where a Big Papa would be – in order to save the day.  It wasn’t always complicated or even that expensive -but when it is that simple to solve the problems with elbow grease and common sense : Big Papa’s Gotcha became the obvious catch phrase.

A cart of groceries. A car seat to bring baby home safe from the hospital. A tank of gas. A few hundred bucks to help make the rent payment. These are the things that a Big Papa helps with and these two single moms begun the Big Papa Foundation with these small yet profound gestures of kindness for people in need,

Over time, and inspired by activists everywhere Big Papa’s mission expanded to take on the biggest issues facing the nation.  Gun violence. Gender inequality. Human Rights crises regarding sexual orientation & immigration.  These are the issues Big Papa attempts to take on in an effort to save the world.  Join in here or reach out on Facebook where Big Papa’s mission is to be responsive and accessible to parents in crisis.

In the end, we are all in this together: One big happy Human family. No matter what happens, Big Papa’s gotcha.

We are all in this together.
One big happy human family.

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